Blockchain Weekly Review

In this week’s round up, we look at the number one cryptocurrencies according to ratings realised by China. Jack Ma the Chinese billionaire says blockchain is not a bubble, but bitcoin is. On the other hand Twitter’s Jack Dorsey says bitcoin will become the web’s native currency.  Lastly  we look at how Poland is going all in on blockchain.


  1. In the era of big data, DLT stands as the sole solution.

Jack Ma the founder of Alibaba says that he doesn’t know about Bitcoin. In fact he doesn’t care about Bitcoin, his sole focus is on how to get blockchain working efficiently for Alibaba. In the era of big data, the importance on security is at an all-time high. With trading volumes worth trillions of dollars, Ma’s main focus is to keep that data as safe as possible.


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  1. Ethereum claims number one spot amongst ICO’s in China  

The China Centre for Information Industry Development rated Ethereum, as the most commonly used cryptocurrency when it comes to initial coin offerings within the country. However, bitcoin was  the most innovative out of the 28 projects assessed. Furthermore NEO, a public blockchain that raised 30 million yuan (US$4.71 million) through an ICO last year, scored highest in terms of its application potential.


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  1. #Consensus2018 

Consensus 2018 was host to some of the most prominent characters within the technology space this week. Maybe the biggest of them all being Twitter’s Jack Dorsey. He had the following to say ” I’m just approaching with the principle that the Internet deserves a native currency. It will have a native currency. I don’t know if it will be bitcoin,”. I would love to hear your thoughts, do you think bitcoin will be the internet’s currency?


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  1. Poland looks to blockchain to solve GDPR puzzle 

Poland looks at starting a revolution in information management. The country is looking at the possibilities to move away from the constraints of closed central databases to a democratic blockchain-based Internet where every user will be able to control their identity. The Polish Credit Office, teamed up with local DLT specialist, to provide the world’s first GDPR-compliant blockchain platform that streamlines customer service processes and implements customer rights such as the “right to be forgotten”.


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