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Bitcoin pizza day

May 22nd is the day known as “Bitcoin pizza” amongst the crypto community. This week 8 years ago, a programmer named Laszlo Hanyecz executed the first reported exchange of Bitcoin for a consumer product, a pair of Papa John’s pizzas. Observation of Bitcoin pizza day isn’t complete without a calculation of precisely how much, in dollar terms, those two pizzas cost. Laszlo paid 10,000 Bitcoin for pleasure, which today would equate to roughly 75 million dollars Wow!

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“That’s a Kodak moment”

The KodakOne platform for digital image rights management and the underlying KodakCoin was launched this week, when it was first announced that Kodak would bring out it’s Cryptocurrency coin earlier in the year, it caused the Eastman Kodak Company stock price to rise by 250%. Only time will tell whether this is indeed a Kodak moment.

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East vs West  

This is not news as much, but rather an interesting article written about ICO’s for all those who are into ICO investing. In the U.S initial coin offerings (ICOs) are about ideas. In the Asian market, they’re about returns. This is important to state as many argue that Asia is the most important part of the world in terms of Cryptocurrency. This article takes an in depth look at, local technology and new markets abroad. With a direct focus on the East vs West divide when, it comes to looking at Cryptocurrency investments.

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EU Parliament warms to Blockchain

Members of the European Parliament believe small businesses could benefit from integrating Blockchain technology. They primarily focused on data controls, supply chain management, land registries and energy market. It seems as though Brussels is warming to Blockchain describing it as “cutting edge”.

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